Defocus, mental confusion, mental strain, eye strain from hours of screen contact and the resulting visual impairment can all be balanced and even eliminated with just a single candle.

The yogic practice of tratak is to stare intently at a still point without blinking until tears flow. It can be just a dot on the wall, some object, a candle. Yogic treatises say that trataka “eradicates all diseases of the eyes, fatigue and laziness, and cuts off the paths to their development.”

EEG studies have shown the powerful effect of trataka on brain function. The brain easily shifts to an alpha rhythm, and as a result, anxiety, mental tension, stress and insomnia go away. Vision improves, clarity of consciousness and focus return, and a state of pure flow of thought occurs. The practice stimulates the ajna chakra, the “third eye,” which corresponds at the physical level to the pituitary gland and thus has a gentle and beneficial effect on the glands of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

It is better to meditate with a candle before going to bed in a room with dim light. Place it approximately one meter from itself at eye level. Make yourselves comfortable to sit motionless for 5 minutes, it is possible to establish the timer. Relax your breathing and start looking at the center of the candle flame. At some point, you will notice that all objects around the candle flame begin to seem to dissolve and disappear from your field of vision. Don’t blink and keep your eyes open until tears flow from both eyes. You may then close your eyes and imagine the candle flame, placing it mentally in the area between your eyebrows.

In order to obtain significant results, it is necessary to practice such meditation for at least 20-25 days in a row so that: the first 5 days – 5 minutes, the next 10 days – 10 minutes, in the final 10 days you can try to go to 15 minutes of contemplation. After the practice, one should not look at the light, at the phone, or read. You just have to go to sleep.

I only do the practice by candlelight, looking at one and placing scented candles with essential oils in them behind me. My favorite is Redwood by ÓRA with notes of cinnamon, patchouli and sandalwood. Their scent helps me focus and tune into a deep practice.