The name actually says it very precisely: it’s about training, coaching and guidance when it comes to creativity. So life coach or business coach would also fit well. And that’s also true. A creativity coach is a life or business coach who has a special focus on the creative process. So far so good. But you can’t really picture anything under that, can you?

Creativity coaching is a hands-on power program for ideas and visions.
So, in general, a creativity coach supports people who want to create something on their own from the power of their thoughts over a long period of time.

By this I mean, for example, the process that an author goes through: from the idea for his book, through the period of writing, to the marketing of his book.

Business coach and life coach for creative people

In the business world, a creativity coach helps people become better problem solvers and innovators. To pursue ideas even when they are uncomfortable and headwinds arise.

In personal settings, a creativity coach guides people who want to make authentic change. By following their creative voice, people give their lives meaning or, as the saying goes, “purpose.”

In short: Creativity Coaching is about the development of creative potential and that the idea also becomes something!

In which areas does creativity coaching help?

When we think of creativity, a huge field opens up right away: creativity is painting, crafting, cooking, making the garden beautiful and DIY (do-it-yourself).

BUT creativity is also one of the most important key skills and a huge mystery from the world of authors, artists, innovators and visionaries. Creativity coaching helps in all areas as soon as a specific goal is to be achieved.

  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups:
    When an idea and an inner desire are to be turned into a business or product. No matter if it is your own café, an IT product, a service, etc.
  • Personal:
    When you are searching for your vision and want to create your own life with “purpose” and creativity.
  • Self-discovery:
    When blockages are holding you back
  • Business Strategy and Culture:
    If a new product, a new leadership philosophy, a new marketing approach is to grow in the company, then a new culture of ideas is needed.
  • Artistic creative block:
    When an artist, writer or musician is stuck in their work. When doubts, blockades and procrastination “boycott” a project.

What is creativity coaching? Life coach, business coach?
For whom is creativity coaching ideal?

In principle, creativity coaching helps anyone who has an idea, a spark inside them and wants to make it real. People who want to create something out of “nothing”:

  • Self-employed
  • Artists
  • Makers
  • Authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Multi-talented people (scanner personalities)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Simply YOU

And when does creativity coaching not help?

Creativity coaching is all about the creative and innovative development process. If you hope to learn manual skills such as writing, painting, etc. from a creativity coach, you will be disappointed. Creativity coaches are not art teachers, writing schools or creativity groups. Others can do that much better.

Not psychotherapy

Creativity also always has a lot to do with vulnerability, fears and pressures. Sometimes the issues go much deeper and illnesses and problems such as substance abuse and depression can arise. At this point, a psychological therapist, especially a trauma therapist in our experience, is the right person to talk to.

No art therapy

Art therapy is also often confused with creativity coaching. Art therapy treatment is a form of therapy aimed at healing, which is an application to a diagnosis. Again, trained therapists offer wonderful help.

So what does a creativity coach do to me?
First and foremost, a creativity coach is a coach and trainer. Here he is basically not unlike a life coach or business coach. However, the focus is primarily on creating, on creating.

He or she helps people with their own resources, to improve their own ideas and their own creativity. In doing so, he or she combines practical exercises with proven holistic coaching knowledge and often with aspects of C. G. Jung’s psychology (‘Everyone already carries the answer within themselves’).

Many creativity coaches have gone through a creative career themselves and have experienced hurdles and problems on their own example. And it is this mixture that makes creativity coaching so effective and different from business and life coaching: vision, creativity and flow need personally reflected solutions and tangible methods.

Most hurdles encountered in creativity coaching are:

  • Starting projects
  • Focusing on a project, i.e., deciding on an idea or project and sticking to it as well
  • Identifying hurdles and blocks that hold us back and prevent us from following through with a project
  • Understanding doubts so that headwinds don’t knock us down
    methods that increase creativity
  • Developing your own routines
  • Tips and tricks for getting started, even when the daily grind pushes its way to the forefront

What is the goal of creativity coaching?

The goals are as varied as the clients. They all have one thing in common: they want to realize an idea and be successful with it! They all want to create something and in doing so overcome hurdles or blocks and live up to their OWN idea (perhaps the greatest challenge of all).

What should I look for in creativity coaches?

As in almost all coaching disciplines, there is no single benchmark for the quality of a creativity coach. As with all coaches, education, professional experience, references, and last but not least, a client’s gut feeling are the only yardstick.

A good creativity coach should have enough professional experience and understand the creative process. Above all, he or she should give the client enough space to find his or her own ways, while still providing intensive support. Even if the coach has his or her own creative past, he or she should never squeeze a client into a “mold.” Creativity is free and so diverse.

In Germany, there is no association for creativity coaches, as this discipline is not yet as established as it is in North America, for example. There, the best-known association is the CCA (Creative Coach Association).

Is there also creativity coaching in the company or do you need a business coach here?

Creativity, innovation, empowering people, agile working, new work… All terms that are indispensable in the modern working world. And that on both sides. Companies present themselves with such and similar terms and values, as do employees. In fact, the working world is constantly changing. This demands a balancing act of personal and corporate goals: Personal, curious and experimental work must be paired with the daily workload, efficiency and permanent change.

This overwhelms and frightens many employees and managers. At the same time, this balancing act is a permanent test for corporate values. A creative mindset and a culture of ideas are needed in the company.

Creativity has to get out of workshops and into everyday work.

Creativity Coach accompanies companies, executives and employees individually in their daily work. Creativity has to get out of workshops and into daily business. What for? To become more successful, to find your own and authentic ways and to create meaning in your company. What is needed is a culture of ideas in the company and the personal decision of employees for a creative mindset. Without personal motivation, no culture of ideas will bear sustainable fruit.