How does creative coaching work?

Creative coaching focuses on people and their creative potentials and creative tensions: in most educated people there is a creative tension that makes a person want to advance a project, create a work, build a business or realize a dream.

In creative coaching, we track down this tension – and channel it toward the highest potential. To do this, we use coaching methods such as the IKIGAI, the Vision Pyramid, the Spiral Dynamics Model and prototyping methods.

Who is creativity coaching for?

  • Change Makers in companies & NGOs who want to develop change and transformation processes and do this with creativity and joy
  • Managers who want to support a creative attitude in themselves and their employees and use more creativity techniques.
  • People who work on the organizational system, e.g. in human resource development, organizational development, school development and want to unleash the full potential
  • Consultants and coaches who want to reinvent themselves
  • People who are open-minded, empathic & professionally successful and think, “There’s more to it”
  • If you want to experience an especially sophisticated creativity coaching, come to our workshop “Systemic Design Thinking”

What is creativity?

Creativity is a property of life: evolution itself is a creative process of creation and destruction. But humans can be consciously creative: we use resources and possibilities for a new creation. To do this, we compose already existing building blocks until something wonderful new emerges – be it a product, a company, a work of art, a conflict resolution, beautiful words or simply the right attitude for living and working.

Can creativity be learned?

Yes. It’s just not as easy as it sounds. To learn creativity, we train with creativity coaching for you:

  • Creativity Methods
  • The creative attitude
  • Development of your own work – maybe life’s work
  • Self-awareness about your own resources and potentials
  • Storytelling – how to create a myth from your ideas
  • Insight into the psychology and philosophy of creativity