Everyone is interested in constant self-development. Fewer and fewer inhabitants of the planet believe that it is a waste of time and effort. This approach is correct. Investments in self-development will justify itself many times over, not now, but in the future. It is not just a question of finances, but also of time. Self-development allows you to change your life for the better. Brain UP magazine has collected a lot of useful information on this topic. Hurry up to read it and take the first step toward a change, or a bright future.

Self-development is a purposeful process. It also needs consistency and regularity. Without development, you simply cannot achieve prosperity, inner harmony and a sense of happiness. It is necessary to develop within all spheres of life. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve the maximum effect.

You should not perceive self-development as a hobby or hobby. This is an activity that must be practiced by every reasonable person. The desire to become better, is peculiar to many individuals. It is the absolute norm. Self-development should be social, physical, spiritual and intellectual. It is important to keep a balance in everything.

Lack of development is a path to degradation. One should not simply waste one’s life without moving on to new stages. Self-development is always growth and progress. It is also necessary in order to understand oneself and increase one’s satisfaction with life.

Development within the framework of professional activities will open up new perspectives and provide career growth. The more a person knows and can do, the better his chances of success and financial stability. Nowadays, knowledge is available and offered at no cost. It is simply wrong not to take advantage of them for one’s own benefit.

When a person is engaged in self-development, he changes his attitude toward those around him and reality. To be happy, one must constantly act and improve by adjusting to existing realities. Reality is extremely dynamic. It is very important to conform to it and always move forward.

Where do you start to develop yourself? First of all, you need to define what you want from this life and then start to move towards your goals. Organizers of marathons and personal development courses advise to begin self-development with the study of the subconscious. A person’s head is full of thoughts, memories, and traumas that block the path to success. Many people can read books, change jobs, want success, but they themselves think negatively. This also affects the result.

In general, self-development of the personality includes:

  • improving self-awareness and understanding of oneself (one’s goals, values, principles);
  • improvement of personal skills and/or learning new ones;
  • awareness of one’s own value and adequate self-esteem;
  • career planning and professional development plan;
  • strategic planning of one’s life;
  • improvement of lifestyle and development of useful, developing habits;
  • improving the quality of one’s life;
  • effective management of one’s time;
  • improving one’s own health and working to maintain it;
  • Improving social relationships and surrounding oneself with developing people;
  • physical self-improvement.

A person who begins to change and change his life reevaluates everything that happens to him and evaluates his environment. Often a person who is engaged in self-development breaks up or stops communicating with those who are not engaged in it, that is, he changes his environment. This happens because he moves to a new level, begins to think differently, to look at situations, and sometimes he simply does not find something to talk about with old friends who have remained at the same level. You have to be prepared for that.
What self-development of personality is necessary for
The path of self-development is very difficult and has no end point. Self-development is necessary in order to achieve inner understanding, inner peace, a sense of harmony, a sense of happiness. Many people “find themselves” through self-development. If a person works all his life as an oilman, but deep down dreams of being an artist, self-development and self-knowledge will also help him in this. Self-development of the personality gives an advantage over unconscious development, because the way that we have prepared by the universe, you can go faster, i.e. more consciously.

Obstacles to self-development.

In addition to the things that help in human development, there are many factors that can slow down this process, or even reverse it. They include such threats to self-development:

  • Ignorance – distortion of information, non-acceptance of obvious facts;
  • Laziness – passivity, unwillingness to do anything;
  • Habits – ingrained stereotypes of behavior that prevent us from accepting new things;
  • Fear – fear of stepping out of your comfort zone;
  • Incompetence – following someone else’s rules or norms.

Self-development plan.

To harmonize your inner world and surroundings, it is advisable to perform the following daily tasks, which will help to find yourself and choose the right path:

  • Early rise (6-7 am);
  • A contrast shower and exercise;
  • A full breakfast rich in vitamins and micronutrients;
  • Spiritual practice, affirmations, yoga;
  • Giving up bad habits;
  • Following one’s vocation;
  • Development of professional skills and abilities;
  • New knowledge and experience;
  • Building the right relationship with people around me;
  • Improvement of moral and volitional qualities;
  • Development of my femininity or courage;
  • Quality rest and recreation.

If a person pays attention to each item on this list on a daily basis, he will be able to maintain the right balance between his spiritual, intellectual, and physical development.

In a dynamic world that changes faster than one adapts to it, it is essential to find oneself, to choose one’s path in life. Self-development, which “kicks in” in response to the “emptiness” arising from a lack of understanding of one’s vocation and destination, helps in this. That is why it is so important to pay attention to it. Not to be perceived as a fad of people who have nothing to do, but to realize that self-improvement is the shortest way to a happy life.